EvolutionHR is dedicated to increasing your value in the market. As an organization or individual, we are committed to helping you yield more from your journey.

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Areas Of Strength

Office & Administrative


Professional, adaptable people immediately qualified for a wide range of responsibilities. Receptionist to office manager. Bookkeeping, data crunching, logistical ways and means, all points in between.

Manufacturing & Warehouse


Professionals for shipping, custodial, assembly, maintenance, fork lift, skid steer, repair, service techs, installation, construction all manner of light blue and blue collar.



Persuasive, professional, dynamic communicators to help grow and develop your customer base. From route sales, phone sales to pharmaceuticals, put our energetic, dynamic people to work in growing your bottom line.



We can not only place highly capable men and women into your leadership team, we can help you cultivate and harvest more of the potential your existing team already has.

Call Center


We are experts in all things call center. Persuasive, dynamic communicators for your floor. Leaders, for your floor. We can improve your logistics and analytics. Consulting for performance lift is waiting for you.

Customer Service & Retail


We provide professional, articulate, dynamic communicators to interface with your customers and represent your product. Let our candidates present and represent your value to the market.

"The bigger the dream, the smaller the details that must be taken into account. We bring an intense, dedicated, purpose-driven approach to identifying and improving every detail necessary to improve your value to the market and the world."

- Kelly Woolwine, Founder & CEO

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