Business Management & Leadership Consulting

Having an experienced consulting and staffing partner is paramount in navigating through complex issues in today’s ever-changing business environment. At EvolutionHR, our core competencies are based on delivering solutions that define competitive advantages and identifying new opportunities to meet your business needs.

We provide consultative solutions tailored to help improve and maximize your organization’s performance¬–keeping work on-budget and on time. As a dedicated partner to businesses from a wide range of industries, our approach is designed to define challenges and provide sustainable solutions that help companies of all sizes reach their goals.

The EvolutionHR team has extensive experience optimizing profit margins, reducing costs, and formulating business strategies.

Mission, Values & Goals

Our mission is to develop a partnership with your business that promotes the happiness and potential of your employees while improving employee retention rates, customer satisfaction and the overall quality of your organization.

While our core values are entrenched in honesty, equality, diplomacy and empowerment, our goal is to teach you how to develop and manage your own unique business culture with dynamic and effective leaders at the helm.

We have several Core Leadership Models that we will share with your organization to cultivate the skill sets and characteristics that are critical to developing dynamic leadership teams. These are a few of the Models that we offer that can change the effectiveness of communication within your organization while enhancing overall morale and improving the employee experience:

Open Communication Model – how to achieve open-minded, non-programmed conversation while learning and adapting to change

Dynamic Leadership Model – creating consistent, powerful and customer-centric energy with a focus on front-line employees

Skeleton Key Leadership – techniques & language that effectively apply to many facets of leadership challenges; the key that opens ALL doors, not just one!

F=MA – the inescapable role of physics in leadership

Current Routine=Current Result – How habits dictate our circumstances in all areas of our life, including our business life